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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 30, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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this is the kron 4 morning news. >> could morning of fog the shot at the golden gate bridge we have fog along the coast. the city shrouded did it now appeared not so much in east bay but it still would be a cool one for you. cooler temperatures as well this afternoon compared to what we saw at the beginning of the week. a full check of forecast in just a bit. we want a begin with explosive allegations of from one on documented housekeeper. the allegations came to light that whitman employed an illegal immigrant as a housekeeper. the attorney says she will approve
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and provide evidence. >> throughout her employment nicky was undocumented. she alleges ms. whitman was aware of her status and may understood niki was vulnerable as a result of it. april 2009 ms. whitman told nikki she had announced her campaign for governor. it was at this point that they decided she would speak to mrs. whitman for help to legalize her status. when nikki asked for help she was that terminated. >> make could you please help me,, she was upset and she said no, and you don't know me and i have never seen you. and you have never seen the shield. understand me. i realize at that
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moment she did not appreciate my work. she was throwing me away like a piece of garbage. >> called me and said i need to talk to you she came over on a saturday and she said i feel terrible i have to tell you i'm not here legally. i said gosh mickey i have to let you go. that's our legal obligation as an employer could we have to let you go. she never came back to work after that saturday. all the documentation says she was legal. she added 1099 which the employment agency, drivers licenses, social security number. we had no idea she was not legal. nobody could have been more stunned. she is being manipulated gloria knows exactly what she is doing and i feel terrible for nike. third i know nikky very well if she is listening right now i am so sorry. i bet you feel really
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badly. it's a shame. it's really a shame. >> whitman's opponent as opponents have been watching this. >> democratic strategist says these latest revelations makes make what men look like a hypocrite. he is not shy about his support for jerry brown even jay says he has to it meant the way meg what might make with men handle this was good. >> she has had done a good job she addressed it directly, she was not rattled, she answered questions. you cannot fault her performance. one thing make what man has shown a she is the polish politicians. >> you get the sense she was telling the truth? >> i don't. none of us will
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really know whether or not she knew. here is the rub. she needed to know. federal law required her to know. if you are governor you cannot have an excuse i didn't open my mail. >> what do you make of the timing of this revelation. >> we have election month not election day balance will be mailed next week. >> using mag what man is in trouble because of this? >> this might be some example of mismanagement but it is not a knockout blow. >> if jerry brown had hired an eagle will be illegal immigrant it would a bit less impact. >> shortly after the press conference jerry brown campaign
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reacted. a spokesman says " made with men had shown the world is not apply to her after more than a year of women demanding immigration policy that holds employers a pot countable wheeler accountability does not extend to or on actions. you can watch the news conference as well as the response we have both of those along with political analysis on our kroweb site. new poll numbers as well as the senate race. public policy the governor's race is virtually tied. the numbers cover publican 38%, a democrat 37%. it is in the statistical margin of error. 18 percent still undecided. in the race for senate seat for the state of california barbara boxer is ahead of carly. 20 percent of
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likely voters are undecided at this point. we will have much more on decision 2010 throughout the morning. let's get back to the forecast lisa with a look at what we can expand. >> 5 this morning sitting over the golden gate bridge. does have francisco's wells the women get drizzle produced from the fog. good news is not widespread at this when it's really contain to the coast. a big cool down today you will notice the difference out there cooling trend throughout the rest of the work week. current temperature 56 san francisco getting sixties through oakland, hayward, hayward city low to mid '60's in the south bay by 10:00 a.m. we should warming up into the '60s, '70s and in time '80s into the picture and then it doesn't look
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like we get much warmer than that. big difference from those triple digits. some of your numbers toward 3:00 hour cooling off plenty of '60s. 81 in santa rosa a big change from the triple digits, 75 mill valley, san francisco topping out upper 60s, '70s from san bruno southward. '70s, '80s through the east bay, 71 in berkeley, inland spots the more triple digits no more nine days the warmer spots topping out into the upper 80s like livermore, antioch, is well. temperatures in a low eighties in through mountain view and san jose in the apparatus for los gatos and more than help. 7 day around de continues to highlighted: trend.
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by friday evening you may see wind picked up becoming cooler by the weekend. louis '80s by the weekend for inland spots low 70's around the bay a those '60s for the coast. we warming up as we head to tuesday, wednesday next week. >> easy commute outside ec commute. a few cars on the bridge right now the signs of any project for road work so it is clear for san francisco. from the foot of the maze to fremont is a minute right now. if you're thinking about taking the san mateo bridge it is an easy ride a few taillights and the commute direction 12 minutes across the span. the golden gate bridge foggy out there but traffic
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moving pretty well right now you can see headlights' making their way into the city right now novato and to set francisco 22 minutes. how 37 to the spade 580 a minute trip. >> 4:09 a.m. six children have suffered broken bones because of playground equipment. >> 6 kids suffered broken bones will plan on these playgrounds including two here at lynwood elementary. the principal said that's why they have this yellow caution tape around this apparatus of my they keep structures on this playground for first, second, third graders off limits spirit they won the see of these monkeys are surtout high. they are seven and a half feet off the ground. the district said the vendor said
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the higher than normal accident rate is not unusual after playground was it because kids get overexcited and maybe play too hard. some kids don't always get that this rubberize floor and will not is still hard when you fall on it. even so the district says they are concerned and just this afternoon announced they would fence off all of the new playgrounds into the meat with the designer next week to find out of any modifications need to be made. >> 410 a and crossing wires in the last three minutes a ig has reached a deal to repay the government billions of dollars it received during the credit crisis. they will swap debt that it currently holds for common stock and sell those shared shares over time. a add cheese and one of the hardest hit it received a bailout package worth a hundred and $80 billion from the federal government. for 11:00 a.m. quick break. james
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a quick look at the san mateo bridge we have current conditions at 56 degrees may be a little foggy out there as well. will get to 75 this afternoon. some of the things in washington d.c. today first of all congress has left the capital. members have headed home to campaign for reelection for meeting for continuing resolutions. jobbery electors testify before the banking committee about how they will well hell they're working to give a financial overhaul bill that its teeth. the postal service is getting some attention today a verdict will come out at a day and whether the cost of stamps will go up to
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sense making it about 46¢ to mail a letter. it lacked lost $3.8 billion last year on track to lose 7 billion this year and next year. mixed in unemployment news unemployment rose last month according to the labor department in ticked up to 90.6%, businesses added 67,000 jobs but many temporary census jobs were lost. two-thirds of the largest areas saw a drop in unemployment last month that is the best showing since may. kate johnson shows us who is hiring are on the day. >> artery bonn hollopottery bars hiring. banana republic, white
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house black market are all looking to hire. most with full- time and part-time positions. birthstones were looking for help nights and weekends. peak as children's book take had no openings, bare essentials was tiring, true religion is fully staffed accepting applications for new stores. >> will look at store manager positions. >> pictures was santa will be setting up here soon looking for people who are good with kids and photography equipment to work from november through christmas eve. even if there's no hop help-wanted sign in the window in never hurts to ask the store is looking for help and has two openings for salespeople. kate johnson kron 4 news >> some people are hiring others
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are letting go. the latest victim 711 bottling plant in l.a. all they have some decided to shut it down 90 employees work at the plant which is scheduled to close october 18th. for 3:00 pm we will be back with more. loy's the haj tracking the big cool them. >> for once known '90s a triple digits we are showing eighties around the bay. you will feel that cool down out there even this morning. temperatures in the '60s in san francisco. details on your
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i execution at san quentin prison has been cancelled following set backs in federal and state courts. it would of
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been the first execution since 2006. a day after a judge to block the execution say he needed more time to evaluate procedures appeared chief judge the judge who ruled same-sex marriages unconstitutional will be stepping down at the end of the air by february 20th 11 it will be done with the court. he held the position since 2004. he returns to private sector. retiring after 20 years in the job. one week since the start clearing the debris from the fires on in san bruno. as christine shows us their stripping properties to the dark. >> you can see bulldozers clearing out what is left of this home will for is lurking fair wearing respirators in case there are toxic chemicals. their wedding down the degree to make
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sure no desk flies into the air. a look around one of the feared a from grace. they have done an asbestos survey and the removal is complete. there's nothing left on this 8 properties have been cleared out as a walk next north of you can see what a big project this as. 35 homes were destroyed leaving on the gymnasium was walls behind. 500 t of debris away every day. they are saving personal belongings where they can define them. they are moving burned out cars like you see here. here's what the health department had to say about the progress. >> we stand 3-4 weeks is what we are looking at now when this is done it will be new neighborhood. when we are done with our portion it will basically be flat lots. so folks can come and get architects and and design plans for their homes.
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>> will following the san bruno fire keep it to end to kron 4. let's get a look at the whether the forecast for today much cooler. >> you will feel the difference getting fog this morning some of it over the bay bridge approach some of the fog moving over to the east bay as well. currently rainout you are in oakland 62 degrees by noontime los '70s a high today 74. back into the 60s by 8:00 p.m. your fog settled right around the northern part of the peninsula through these bay and the north bay as well. the south bay in the clear right now places like oakland arson low cloud cover. settled in through said rose m. petaluma. as we widen debt not widespread
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this morning but we are seeing a bit of it. and it is dense sitting over the book the golden gate bridge. 62 in oakland, antioch 71, south bay temperatures above 63 mountain view, 65 san jose, into the afternoon take a look at the difference. you can see how cooler does, 81 santa rosa, 75 mill valley, san francisco struggling to get it out of the '60s. throw in some 80 is in east based places like castro valley and fremont. in light spots not getting out of the '80s livermore, in the into not getting into the operative spirit. cooling trend towards the weekend the weekend will be much cooler than temperatures we have been experiencing the
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ladies inland, low '70s run bay, low sixties for the coast. >> westbound 37 before meets 29 and overturn pickup truck currently both in both lines traffic is being diverted in the meantime. because it is so early not causing a problem yet. bay bridge toll plaza no problems here cars selling by for your westbound ride no road work on the upper decks aline's are clear. eight minutes from the foot of the maze making your way toward san francisco coming from grittiness bridge only 19 minute trip. if you're sinking about taking san mateo bridge traffic moving freely pothos taillights and the commute direction towards foster city. it is foggy at the golden gate bridge but traffic moving fine. you can see a couple of can't headlights' making the right toward san francisco right now
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novato to city limits is about 22 minutes highway 37 over these bay clocking in at 8 minutes. >> 422 a tornado watch in north carolina this morning after got slammed with every rain last night. drivers as you can see had a tough time trying to get through william to uncurewillias of tropical storm storm of all soak rains the last well into the night it made for miserable morning and evening commute as well. as rush blow reports sunshine state feeling the impact. >> it is a steady and persistent rain was tropical storm the school. from early in the day wednesday we knew this was not going to be a major storm with the watches and warnings lifted.
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it did provide minor damage. >> and a clinic the best i can. like that. >> gregory stop scotts home in miami where part of the ceiling collapsed. >> i heard something and when i keyman i said you know what. the ceiling fell in. >> as he cleans out the rain continues to fall. business owners saying this is a slow day in the will have to bite the bullet. >> argonauts are flooded there rain continues to fall in north miami beach and in north miami. down to sweep water was see the same thing. that persistent rain. the rain was not only falling in dade it was falling import as well. lets take today in the beach where you can see
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at&t workers working under umbrella. gust of hollywood young circle empty tables outside people with numberless tried to dodge the raindrops. downtown fort lauderdale rain falling outside the library. was all the rain cancellations at airports. in miami there has been 26 flights canceled including 14 arrivals and 12 departures. >> before 20 5:00 a.m. will take a quick break the latest on the recall with fisher-price toys stay tuned for that. along 101 and 887 interchange
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cool down today temperature's only getting into the upper 80s we could struggle to get out of the '60s today. all the details on this and a continuing cool down coming up in a few moments. >> 427 this just been crossing wires a moment ago fisher-price recalling 10 million tricycles toys and high chairs all over safety concerns. the commission says two of the products being recalled involved injuries one
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is that tyke, and tossed right tricycle. 10 reports of people being heard on these. 1 million healthy care easy clean close to me chairs. 14 problems with the chair seven people receiving stitches appeared also being recalled to 0.9 million toys with various choice. more and this through the day. videos from after he trade but which did not succeed in booking. he planned to detonate a second bomb in new york city. he will be sentenced next week. what led to the release of the lockerbie bomb more. he was released from a scottish president supposedly
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only had a few months to live. a year later he is still very much alive still being held as a hero in libya. >> this was the scene in august of last your hero's homecoming in libya for the man whose share of eight years of life sentence for the bombing over lockerbie scullin the bombing that killed 259 people on board. 11 more on the ground most of the victims americans. now some u.s. senators are demanding answers why he was released in the first place and why man supposedly near death is alive and seemingly healthy. >> we were told he had three months to live that was more than a year ago. this murder is athatatatg(!çq#j
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she needed to know. federal lot required her to know. if you are governor you cannot have the excuse i did not open my mail >> make of the timing. >> will make sense we have election month on the election day balance will be mailed next week. >> you think men equipment is in trouble because of this? >> it may be an example of hurt mismanagement. but in itself is not above knockout blow. >> jerry brown had been found to hire an immigrant worker brown says he favors giving it a little in brazil way to stay here and become citizens. >> after the press conference
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that campaign jerry brown reacted. a spokesperson said " once again make women has shown she thinks the rules do not apply here. after more than a year of women demanding immigration policy that holds employers accountable, we learned accountability does not extend your arm actions. >> you can watch it all at kron 4 dot com. california is going to be in its fourth month without its budget. no sooner tinted than today they will mee. there were no meetings yesterday or tuesday. observers say that's an indication of the capitalist gridlock. for 30 5:00 a.m. to look at weather. >> i felt like you were singing
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that james b. because it's thursday almost friday you start singing. we are looking at fog saddling or the media at bear area. there's quite a bit of fog even san francisco as well. big cool down today for everybody dove said: trend will continue toward the weekend. maybe like the relief from heath this is how much cooler temperatures will bit today than it were yesterday 15 degrees cooler 37 cisco, san rafael keep in mind temperatures were cooler yesterday than the day before that. 18 degree drop 16 kharif cooler through hayward and fremont 13 degrees cooler in for livermore today yesterday livermore actually set a record coming in at 1 02. one of the few places with triple digits just today. we will stay in the
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'60s, '70s worker way up to the 80s by lunchtime. then into the afternoon we will stay into the '80s so no more '90s, no more triple digits for us today. calling it back down to '60s, '70s by 8:00 hour. your afternoon highs bring in as temperature of 81 in santa rosa, big difference. fairfield getting in to 89, '70s for san rafael and a volley, san francisco may struggle to get out of the '60s, cooler certainly not beach weather. temperatures will be into the '60s about 71 degrees through berkeley, 84 castro valley, in fremont inland spots getting so used to seeing trouble digits now staying in to the '80s. down in the south bay 81 for sunnyvale, san jose 83. your 7 day around the bay shows as cooler temperatures each day towards the weekend. tuesday,
4:37 am
wednesday of next week we start to warm up. >> a bit of hot spot out of vallejo westbound 37 rain near sonoma boulevard and overturn pickup truck blocking clotheslines chp on the scene. they are redirecting traffic until further notice. we are not seeing a back up just yet. traffic all is well as the bay bridge toll plaza few cars westbound towards the city right now i saw a bit of the back up in one of the cash lanes but that has cleared out. no delays make your way toward san francisco a minute trip from the foot of the maze to fremont street san francisco. suppose going at san mateo bridge the headlights coming and they were right now tracking decent drive times her 14 minutes across this ban. traffic moving at the limit at the golden gate bridge a couple of cars in camera shot. a
4:38 am
shot of the upper e. shore freeway a bit more company on westbound 80 making their way out of albany right now. here drive time into downtown san francisco looking pretty good 15 minutes. >> 438 is a time a letter carrier was attacked by two dogs animal control says the two dogs of the table and a german shepherd appeared to a broken through the wooden backyard fence. one after the carrier. hearing his screams a neighbor arrived to find the carrier hiding behind a car. >> we heard a lot of screaming and yelling and dark barking so we ran out front to see what happened. the mailman delivered our mail. he was bleeding profusely. his clothes was rep
4:39 am
and he was screaming the dog bit him. he started running back to his band to try for safety and is still appeared i think he was in shock by that time. i ran back and got towels and ice and was holding him because he was just in shock. i have never experienced anything like this before he was terrified the dog was going to get him again. his bid in three places his leg and both his arms. >> there had never been any complaints with those dogs. there are several be where a dog signs around the home. the owner defended the dog saying they never bit anyone in 11 years. caring hands of animal control pending an investigation he was on the job for 10 years he was treated at the hospital and released. >> police are looking for a
4:40 am
thief who stole up courier dropped. it was stolen after was parked out of a school, tuesday afternoon the driver had blocked the vehicle and then taken keys with him when he went inside the school. some of the thieves got away with it. sad news to report as well as actor tony curtis has died. he died last night in his hall of cardiac arrest. he had heart bypass surgery in 1994 he began in 1950. he became a respected bypass surgery in 1994 he began in 1950. he became a respected actorno carrierringconnect 2400
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or a billion dollars to medical coverage for 911 workers appeared. cnn's nicole is in washington with the latest. >> they were the first answer the call for help september 11,
4:44 am
2001. >> is like a whore movie. it was in the air on the ground, everything you touch, it was horrible. >> many first responders hopes are on call for help is heard. busloads' descended on the capital urging congress to pass a bill that would compensate those exposed to toxins after the attack and provide them with free health care. >> the bill is passed (cheering) we remember what you did at the time. not just your sacrifice its a sacrifice of your family, your house and the impact that that has in your family. >> most say $7.4 billion cost to much. 17 past it. including peter keane. >> we did what we had to do what
4:45 am
you did is what you chose to do. nuclear line life on line for us. it took a long time in more sorry for that. >> the senate must pass its version of the bill before decided to lock. >> 445 we will take a quick break. but to give you an update on a hot spot we're following. chp asking you to find a way around this east of 29 all lanes blocked because of an accident that spilled its load. several other accidents. they hope that it picked up by 5:00 a.m..
4:46 am
following the latest out of europe and throughout afghanistan and pakistan 20 drawn attacks has rocked the region twice as many as last month. officials confirmed they
4:47 am
are linked to european plot. >> according to german counter- terrorism act man was picked up transferred to u.s. custody that's when they say he began to talk a lot and began to talk about this plot to attack different cities in europe and great britain and france and germany. being gunmen with explosives going into hotels or other similar soft targets where they could shoot people. that has caused according to a u.s. counterterrorism was calls and up take on drawn attacks targeting attackers appeared what we understand from british officials and german officials is there was no immediate threat there is no immediate threat than britain or germany at this time. that is because it appears the information he has
4:48 am
provided has been given well there's enough time appeared many operatives still in the pakistan region which is where he had gone to training camp he is from hamburg germany he left in 2009 with a group of other individuals to go to these terrorist training camps in the border regions. one of the significant things we are learning is he attended the same mosque that mohammad the lead 911 highjacker attended in the late nineties. fifth we are learning that cdt had connections with mohammad at that time. his radical tendencies go back quite a long white beard it appears he is giving a lot of information
4:49 am
allowing him to learn a lot about the peace plans and the people behind the plans. for 40 9:00 a.m. the word on whether for today and the next seven days. >> the words would be cool down as big cool them we will get relief from a lot of that heat. shot of san mateo and san mateo temperature 57 degrees by noontime jumping into the low 70's at high today as 77 back down into the upper 60s by 8:00 p.m. look at these drops. this is what we can expect in the afternoon highs this is a much cooler will be today compared to yesterday 15 degrees cooler in san a result. 164 kron 41311 marks livermore set a record coming in right around one 02. 12 degrees cooler through hayward and fremont and san
4:50 am
jose. everybody across the board getting a cool down. by the 10:00 are into the '60s and '70s. no way these by the 10:00 or 80s will work their way into the area by noontime staying in to the eighties through the afternoon calling it done by 8:00 hour. klicks '60s, '70s as well. your numbers of getting into low 80s in places like kronor park. keeping it in the '70s through no valley san rafael. beginning at of the '60s today staying into the 60s by the close so saying goodbye to beach whether the we got used to. 83 castro valley down and fremont upper '70s for union city. inland valley locations that brought in tanagers triple digits are staying in the '80s as well warmer spots really only getting into the upper 80s. your 7 day around the bay we are
4:51 am
calling it down each day as we head toward the weekend. >> 6 alert is in fact faugno bap again. been the bay bridge toll plaza a few more curse them we saw on our last report still decent conditions coming from all approaches under westbound ride. no problems here crosses band. san mateo bridge you can see traffic doing fine. tillites headed toward foster city the bridge flights east and in the war right now. drive time of 14 minutes from one end of this ban to the other. still a bit foggy at the golden gate bridge but traffic is not affected. headlights coming into several
4:52 am
cisco right now no problems for your south bound ride novato in this san francisco 23 miniature train now. wrapping up with crosstown traffic no problems in san francisco. headlights said down toward the peninsula 1 0180 split to the airport 16 minutes. >> food banks around the bay area are single lot of requests for emergency food. the some cases it has more than doubled in the last few years. >> here at alameda community food bank request has doubled over last year's. they expect record setting holiday season. this is the food bank is were all the calls come in when folks need help getting food and lately it has been busy. the economy has taken its toll on folks who would not have to call
4:53 am
in for emergency help appeared to give you an idea of how much things have changed this july there were 3300 referrals. compare that to 2007 when there is half as many. the number broke the food bank's all-time record getting donation imperils ready they say they expect more records to be broken when a number of referrals go up there a good thing has to buy more food and they badly need financial donations. in alameda kron 4 news. >> checking our camera westbound 80 traffic moving well those headlights headed towards berkeley. we will be right back.
4:54 am
let's see where things are headed. today is much cooler this afternoon that it has been on monday, tuesday, wednesday 89 degrees inland 74, 75 around the
4:55 am
bay low 60s about the coast: it down and are heading towards the weekend. sunday you are in the low 80s and our inland spots low seventies around the bay and again if you're along the coast you are even along the coast. more whether a moment. now time for people behaving badly. that is not ok. it is upside- earth authordown. >> i don't see how they can do that, i think it was just a mistake on their part. >> it's upside-down. it's terrible. >> it's upside-down.
4:56 am
>> yes, what does that mean. >> distress. >> someone, or some group is in distress. author top of the milton building author located at 939 ellis street in san francisco. this is the home of the bay area air quality management district or the bay area a.q.m.d. it is the state and local agency that issues spare the air days for the entire san francisco bay. it seems the bay area a.q.m.d, has the u.s. flag upside down. >> maybe there's something going on there you should check into. displayed upside down, it is the international symbol of dire distress. >> maybe it's a bad smog day but>> this man works for a.m.q.d, >> oh, no. it's upside-down. >> yes, what does that mean. >> it's not good. >> apparently no one noticed the u.s. flag flying upside down on the bay area a.q.m.d, building until kron 4 pointed that out. >> we will talk about having them change it right away. >> moments later true to his word the upside-down flag was up righted, and flown properly. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. author >> as though is if you have a common story i did you see
4:57 am
something odd like the flag upside down. let staley know. >> will take a break back with more headlines top stories in your latest weather and traffic in a moment. let's give you a quick bridge check as we go bay bridge approach was down 80 looking good no issue crosses ban you are making good time from oakland to san francisco appeared san mateo bridge highway 92 westbound traffic on the right headed from hayward to trust the city you are doing well on the flat section also on the high rise no problems out there. one last look to the golden gate bridge we have seen the most fog got our roadways so if you are traveling through marin county be prepared to run into some heavy fog here and there good time chp says it has no accidents or incidents. for 50 8:00 a.m. back with more of a moment.
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documents expected to be released today after allegations made women knowingly employed an illegal immigrant. safety recall for fisher-price we will tell you which toys and white. we are following whether to a big cool down today. roof camera shows you fog we will get to the forecast in a moment. first the latest on a hot spot. >> we have been tracking this hot spot since 4:00 a.m. westbound 37 right before highway 21. we were hearing an estimated time of 5:00 a.m. but it looks like the pickup truck is blocking both directions of the commute. they're still read directing traffic we will keep you posted but it doesn't look like much of a back up yet.
5:01 am
bridge check no problem at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic getting along fine coming from all purchase. no signs of construction of course those me during likes are offering now been joined a drive times out there eight minutes of from the but of the maze into fremont street san francisco. grittiness bridge is only about 19 minutes rain of your thinking but in this san mateo bridge no problems here. traffic getting along fine in both directions. foggy at the golden gate bridge. cheth one headlight headed into the city. novato into the city limits 22 minutes. how we 37 over to the east bay on 580 is short a minute trip. wrapping up with the south bay trips you can see headlights headed in the southbound direction getting along just fine. a bit more company with taillights if you're had been intimate direction. drive times of their
5:02 am
downtown san jose up toward santa clara 13 minutes. time now 5 02 let's get a check on the cool down. >> cooling-off considerably today steering clear of the triple digits appeared strong some fog back into the forecast this morning we are seeing fog saddling over the golden gate bridge. fog into downtown san francisco. certainly not a widespread but a big cool down today that trend will continue as we make our way towards the weekend. this is how much temperatures are expected to drop. there a teamsters and rosa, 16 degree difference through concord, 13 for livermore, livermore's setting the record of a hundred and two. on the spot that hit record yesterday. by 10:00 a.m. we will be into the '60s, '70s so no 80
5:03 am
is not until noon time that is and then we will stay into the '80s even in the afternoon not bringing in much the way of '90s or triple digits. back into the o'clock our temperatures into the '60s and '70s. here's the numbers for you pretty comfortable in santa rosa run apart, even to sonoma and fairfield getting to 89, almost as low sixties for santa francisco, 60s along the coast, saying goodbye to the beach weather, this east bay temperatures into the '70s maybe some '80s, 83 castro valley, might squeeze out the upper 80 readings of livermore and antioch. 85 through livermore, right across the board planning of '80s. we will continue to collect on the next couple of days could get breezy to more evenings. the weekend a big
5:04 am
drop in temperatures low eighties for the worst in us pause low '70's around the bay and los '60s for the coast. not until tuesday, wednesday the we keep things up. >>xf? decision 2010 news potentially explosion of the >>xf? decision 2010 news potentially explosion of the allegations coming from9vñno ca
5:05 am
was terminated. >> and then i said, may please can you help me, and she was very upset and she said, no, and you don't know me and i never seen you, and you have never seen me, she yelled, understand me. i realized at that moment she did not appreciate my work. so i she was throwing me away like a piece of garbage. >> q skim over on a saturday to our house and she said i feel terrible i have to tell you i am not here legally. we said we have to let you go that is our legal obligation as an employer. so she never came back to work
5:06 am
after that saturday. all the documentation that we had said she was legal. she added 1099 on file, a drivers license, social security card, we had no reason to believe she was not legal. nobody could of been more stunned that was when she came and said she was not here legally. she is being manipulated to gloria knows what she's doing. i feel terrible for nike. i know nikky really well if she is listening right now i am so sorry i bet you are feeling really badly. it's a shame. >> one strategist said will this latest news about meg whitman's housekeeper looks makes her look hypocritical he says she has handled it very well. >> none of us ever will know
5:07 am
whether she knew or not. here's the rub. she needed to know. federal law requires you to know. if you are governor you cannot have the excuse i did not open my mail. this issue might be an example of some of her mismanagement. in itself is not a knockout blow. >> jerry brown campaign is reacting as well. " meg whitman thinks the rules do not apply to her, after more than a year of women demanding immigration policy holds that holds employers accountable we learn that accountability does not extend to your own actions. we have included political analysis given a look and judge for yourself. we will take a quick
5:08 am
break norm are big story a safety recall for fisher-price toys. we will tell you which ones and why.
5:09 am
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by the 11 this morning fisher- price recalling 10 million tricycle, toys, high chairs. two of those products involved injuries here is a list of some of them that are being pulled out. trikes, and toddler tricycles, ec clean high chairs, close to me high chairs, 3 million toys of various types with components that have choking hazards. go to the fisher-price web site. another break a live look at was down 80
5:12 am
approach to the bay bridge toll plaza traffic not too bad. as for whether 61 degrees on the open side of the bridge. don't forget all on the hot spot on the traffic friend the latest eric and a moment. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's luxury with fire in its veins. bold. daring. capable of moving your soul. ♪ and that's even before you drop your foot on the pedal. ♪ the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac. the new standard of the world.
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health department says it will be three-four weeks before all the debris is clean up in that blast zone in san bruno this is
5:16 am
cruise taking away 500 t of debris of that area every day. they're wearing respirators to protect themselves in the parties to a little weird of how helpful when including burned hot vehicles. while while will be flat loss so homeowners can rebuild. >> update on our westbound 37 before but i we 29 hot spot calls lanes still closed off their are down cables so close lanes closed. chp redirecting all lanes. but they have an estimated cleanup of 5:20 a.m.. bay area air traffic no problems that the bay bridge toll plaza moving well towards the city no way that the pay a spirit tracking drive times during now
5:17 am
he minutes from the foot of the maze towards fremont street san francisco if you're thinking about taking san mateo bridge traffic sleep building was still moving at the limit. titillates in the commute direction 92 looks good in both directions across the span. still fog get the golden gate bridge a few more cars on the bridge but no problems for your route. who will, a quick shot of the property shortfall allahu when a bit more company but no real delays. fifth into downtown san francisco 16 minutes 5:80 a.m. let's get the good news in the whether department. >> and unnoticeable cool down today. a shot of james lick we are looking at some fog this morning sitting over the golden
5:18 am
gate bridge san francisco 55 degrees 10 degrees by noontime high today 69 and then back down and the upper 50s by the o'clock hour. a difference in terms of temperatures today also seeing fog as well settled for the north bay. nothing widespread piquancy it is clear into the south bay making our way through portions of oakland. places like petaluma getting some fog appeared we are talking about patchy fog there. dens' over the golden gate bridge this fog will push its way inland through route their rest of the week. 55 in san francisco 61 through oakland concord 63 south bay to low 60s upper 50s your afternoon highs will ventilate these for santa rosa, wrote a park of
5:19 am
person days from petaluma 69 for san francisco but then south warming it up into the '70s even low 80s. '70s, '80s tester valley, fremont inland valley locations today will be much cooler 88 in pleasanton 89 in through livermore at the south bay temperature in the '80s as well as across the board. 7 day around a day cooling off more today continuing friday continuing on here sunday as well low 80s by the time we wrap up the weekend. los '70s around the bay low sixties for the coast. >> 520 news around the bay this morning los gatos police arrested a 47 year-old woman for having with a minor. the issue was arrested yesterday and the
5:20 am
department with information about the crime commuter equipment phones were all seized. shoe turned herself in to police. the suspect charged with shooting police officer will enter a plea today. andrew faces 13th felony counts in the shooting that happen in august place after the shooting he carjacked a driver and tried to make it to the border tried crossing the border but was arrested. the injured officer is still in hospital intensive care. crime stoppers is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of the person who hit a six year-old girl she slept here she continues to improve and the released within days from hospital she had the bullet goes through our right arm and large into her chest. doctors
5:21 am
said they have not removed the bullet bullet she may have to have it stay there. police say was not a random incident they believe they were targeting somebody in the house. new for you this morning sadness actor tony curtis has died. he died last night that lost a this home of cardiac arrest he had bypass surgery in 1984. he began his acting career in 1950 spirit sweet smell of success, the defiant ones brought him oscar nomination the following year he co-starred in a comedy some like it hot. curtis was 85 years old. we will take a break at 5:22 a.m. more headlines in a moment. live pictures of an accident in vallejo chp saying to find your
5:22 am
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still police of closed chp and emergency crews are trying to clear up the down cables of full live report as whether. >> a i g has reached a deal to repay billions of dollars in assistance. the treasury the format will swap to death it holds for common stock and sell those shares over time. aig was hit during the downturn on wall street it received a bailout package. from the federal government. a check gone market headline stocks off a bit after
5:26 am
ending the day lower yesterday of the government reports this morning on new claims for unemployment benefits they are looking for a decline. bank of america cutting one-third of its property trading jobs to comply with new regulations on banks. johnson and johnson's will say he is sorry he let it down with quality problems. that is what is making news on wall street. in california pension plans to decide by the city of bell award provide much larger read chairman packages than estimated. this plan allows certain city employes and all council members to circumvent the retire lammas raising pensions to 85 percent of their salaries. those increases mean result could receive a pension of $1 million a year. here's a
5:27 am
brief back with more a moment. looking at live at chirrs out of vallejo. an accident on westbound 38 sorry 37 right by 29 back with more a moment.
5:28 am
5:29 am
all hot spot in the north bay jackie's assault in vallejo following this accident and jackie it looks like they're getting work done out there. >> you can see highway 3729 exit is still closed and has been closed since 345 this morning when eight accident occurred one of the truck had steel cable. heavy stuff. is building to the
5:30 am
lanes of traffic they are trying to take care of that now. the contractor that was caring the material came out the will have to cut this to remove it. it is so heavy they cannot move it in bulk. all the crew is attempting to clear the lanes of traffic as we speak. for right now 37 is closed about a mile. if you have to take 37 westbound on your normal commute you may have delays. they expect to reopen in 45 minutes depending on how long it takes to get the cable out of here. >> are the cars still out there? >> the only car the remains is the truck that was carrying the cable. there were 5-7 cars involved there tried to sort it out there are no injuries. the tangled mass that plays on the
5:31 am
freeway now. >> erica is following this story from the traffic best. >> from the map perspective traffic moving while we're still in the green. chp advising use fear green drive getting off the freeway. the lanes are shut down for about a mile or so. because it is early in the commute is not backing traffic up too much bay area traffic no problems at the bay bridge headed westbound towards the city made during light still also know rate at the gates drive time eight minutes from the foot of the maze into fremont streets there francisco your ride only clocking in and 19 minutes. if you're taking this san mateo bridge no problems here traffic moving well in both directions heading
5:32 am
in the command direction right now. fog get the golden gate bridge but traffic can along just fine moving at the limit. from a bottle into several cisco 23 minutes crosstown traffic making their way towards the peninsula still keeping a good drive times airport 17 minute eastbound it is also a trouble-free ride. check on your forecast with the was up. >> we are looking at the fog cephalon even to the east bay and the not too widespread continuing to see the fog is inching inland through the next couple of days big cool down for today definitely noticing the difference. a cooling trend
5:33 am
continues headed towards the weekend here's a look at how much cooler temperatures should get. 15 degrees cooler and san rafael 18 interesting rosa so north bay noticing the cool them. fall of degrees drop through livermore. livermore's at the record of 1 02 so big difference today. we will be out of the triple digits 12 degree drop through fremont and san jose as well. eugenics law car brings us a mix of '60s and '70s by noontime starting to see the '80s. cool in the back down into the '60s and '70s your afternoon highs getting 89 degrees one of the warmer spots getting of the '60s low 60s 71 through berkeley
5:34 am
74 through oakland san ramon valley temperatures into the '80s into the warmer spots livermore valley a only getting into the upper 80s. '80s for the south bay. dear 7 day around bay continues to shave off a few degrees. in fact by the end of the weekend we will be down into the low 80s by some of the warmer inland locations low sixties for the coast. >> 5:35 a.m. potentially expose of accusations against mag women. a former housekeeper said she worked for women illegally. two years and tear her employmenta the housekeeper says whitman became aware she was in the country illegally the attorney claims she received a
5:35 am
letter from the government say this is so social security number did not match the (applause)) (applause) (applause) (applause) (applause) (applause) (applause) (applause) (applause) (applause) (applause) (applause) says she never received the letter. >> everything she said said she was little. jed drivers license social security card. i have to say i feel terrible for nike. mickey was a friend of our family for nine years. she was a member are many ways an extended family she is being manipulated gloria knows exactly what she's doing. >> women said she fired the housekeeper in 2009 when she found out the issues in the country illegally shot. we will follow this story. the lawyer said she will support supply documentation will prove our case here if you wanna see the entire day at kron new
5:36 am
poll numbers according to the public policy the governors' races virtually tied. the poll numbers have made women with 38 percent support her challenger virtually tied 18 percent of voters say they are undecided at this point. as for the senate race the incumbent ahead by 42 percent. will the canada it and rival has 35%. 20 percent said they are on it decided will follow this the judge your rolled same-sex marriage saying it's unconstitutional he says he will be stepping down as chief judge of in the year by february 2011 he will leave the court altogether he has held his position since of timber a 2004.
5:37 am
according to law they may serve for maximum of seven years. he plans to return to the private sector with seat leaves the bench. giants facing the diamondbacks he touched three days' rest here this would be the only one for arizona. the giants trailing 1-nothing fit the stereotypical--did this. that was a three run homer. 26 time he reached double digits the giants still up two games of first-place the last game of the series is today at 1245. will take a break and be back with more moment. who will be at back i we 37 the westbound direction
5:38 am
block right now because of a fifth earlier accident her apology vehicle accident debris on the roadside it will our state has a huge deficit. meg whitman's plan will make it billions worse by eliminating the capital gains tax for wealthy investors, including herself.
5:39 am
economists say her plan will "rip a hole in the budget" and is "deeply flawed". analysts for the l.a. times say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" to schools and public safety. jerry brown's against this unfair giveaway because it will take billions from our children when we can least afford it. get california working again-for all of us. you can't really love me. i know about gayle.
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jimmy carter waking up after a second night. he had a viral infection that gave him stomach problems. he was rushed from an airplane to the emergency room tuesday morning with an upset stomach. they said the hospital stay was interest or sorry has interrupted the bookstore. he they hope you'll be back in short order. north carolina's governor has declared state of emergency as they brace for drenching rains. these are some of the latest pictures coming at showing you all the high water that people are dealing with. emergency planners to the virginia story line has put its
5:42 am
shelters on standby. there are forecast of seven on mortgages several hon problem of the team and does that have already fallen over the past week. the flood watches are in the fact uncrossed eastern carolina. some of the things going in washington congress has left the capital. members of the house have had at home to campaign for reelection after meeting long enough to vote on the continuing resolution to stop the government in operation with funds to do that to the next few months to avoid of free elections federal shutdown. top regulators will testify about how they're working to give financial overhaul bill some teeth. so it's effective. postal service getting attention there will be a verdict today about a day and what they're not they can raise the cost of the stamp
5:43 am
by two sons. that would make it 46¢ to mail a letter. postal service lost and it is on a track to lose 7 billion over two years. 5:43 a.m. more headline straight ahead out of vallejo this is westbound 37 rate by 29 they have opened up the slow lane city nearby at we had the earlier most of the vehicle accident earlier debris all over the lanes there. it will be awhile before they get it changed up.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
clause 47 a and a bit of good news let's take a look. this will lanes for westbound 37 has reopened it happen near sonoma boulevard. the left lane will be closed as crews remain on the scene trying to remove the steel cables. a live shot from the
5:47 am
scene cars moving ok rain now probably slower than they are used to during commute hours you can see a flare pattern is in effect. cruise right before the sonoma boulevard to get those cables off the road. not a problem yet but it will be as a cue wears on. bay area traffic quick bridge check traffic building just a bit at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza still looking good from all approaches. from the foot and amazed to fremont streets in francisco 8-9 minute trip. the san mateo bridge problem free conditions here those taillights towards foster city rain now ideal drive times out there just about 14 minutes across the span. still quiet at the golden gate bridge headlights headed southbound and the commute direction novato in the city limits 23 minute trip right now. san jose shot to 80 interchange
5:48 am
headlights making their way toward san jose you can see traffic moving fine without delay. >> some noticeable changes in the weather today dark shot from downtown dealing was fog in downtown san francisco also over the golden gate bridge. temperatures 55 degrees by noontime should jump in to the mid-60s and judge of the high for to a big difference from a with seen over the past few days. really struggling to get out of the '60s and a and into the upper 50s by the o'clock hour. here's a look at where we see some fog this morning really just over the medium day and the north is well we will take a closer look and show you how it is clear fremont, hayward in the clear patchy fog making its way over the bay bridge and into
5:49 am
oakland as well this morning. north bay we are seeing patchy fog settled in through polymaths also said rosa. over the next few days we will gradually watched this fog pushing its way inland upon as we head into the weekend. some inland spot will give some low cloud cover pushing its way into the fourth test that will mean cooler temperatures as well. temperatures mid-50s for san rafael also some francisco still really chilly. half moon base 48 degrees getting up into the 60s rowe plant and now you san jose as well. the afternoon temperatures are is what's gone to highlight the difference. 81 for santa rosa, rosa parks 80, along the peninsula cool along the coast about warming up through san bruno. 83 redwood city. '70s and '80s right
5:50 am
through the state. inland locations have been showing a triple digits are cooling off considerably. livermore got up to 1 02 only expected 89 today. down into the south bay temperatures in the '80s. 7 day around bay continuing to cool it off as we head into the weekend. breezy through friday but then by the end of the weekend warmer spots only happen to the low 80s. los '70s around the bay '60s for the coast km >> 551 is the time sense is going up around new school playgrounds in novato after six children suffered broken bones. two were hurt at this playground. they will be evaluated to see if they are too high. some innkeepers measure seven and a half feet above ground. the vendor said injuries are not unusual because kids are
5:51 am
excited and can play too hard. school leaders will meet with the vendor to see if maybe there's some where they can be lowered. also this morning police are looking for a thief who stole a truck with $21,000 worth of lunch money in other funds fly in to local school spirit it was stolen after they parked outside a school tuesday afternoon he locked the vehicle to the keys and it was gone when he came out. san jose letter carrier was attacked and bitten by dogs when he was making his rounds in happen before 11:00 yesterday morning that this house. animal control said the two dogs appear to of broken through a fence and then went after the carrier when he went to deliver the mail. a neighbor arrived on scene found the letter carrier bleeding hiding behind a car severing several
5:52 am
but it was. >> when heard screaming yelling and dog barking. we've been to see what happened. he was holding his arm and bleeding profusely. his clothes were rep. and he was green the dog bit him. he started running back to his van to try for safety. by that time i think he was a shocking was the shaking i ran backing got ice and dallas. i wrapped his arm and ahold of him because he was in shock. i have never experienced anything like this before. he was terrified the dog would get him again. he was bid in three places both his arms and legs. >> none of the neighbors said they've ever known of any problems in the past or complaints about the dogs. there were several dog signs posted around. the owner descended the dogs eat saying he they have
5:53 am
never bit anyone. as for the letter carrier he was treated and released. monterey county saying unsafe levels of bacteria samples taken tuesday at caramel beach indicate high levels of bacteria. there are notices posted at the beach. we will take a break at 5:53 a.m. more headline street had. live picture of the vallejo traffic on westbound 38 slowed by 29 of multi vehicle accident the problem more in a moment. e@qaq q @2
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
at 5:57 a.m. diehard star wars fans appeared are too deep to phones. they are going on sale
5:57 am
today. supplies are limited there are only 100 of these. they will be split between two stores. mountain view and court in madera. lines are are ready. they have special labs. drexel and out today. current conditions in san mateo. temperatures on the cool side 57 getting to 77 this afternoon you will feel the difference today. cooler on the skin that was yesterday don't forget this accident in vallejo. they have heavy equipment out they are cutting metal. we will tell you what happened.
5:58 am
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